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On 13 May 2013, I sent a cancellation letter to Harrelson Nissan for the service contract of my 2010 Nissan Versa. Within the next two weeks, I waited patiently to hear an acknowledgement of the cancelled service.

I called on or about Thursday, May 23rd, to confirm if the letter had indeed arrived. The gentleman I spoke with in the finance department asked the basic questions regarding when I had sent the letter and what information was contained within the letter itself. He put me on hold and within a few minutes informed me that the letter had indeed arrived on 14 May 2013 and that they would expedite the return of the refund to my lien holder by the end of the following week. As the next week arrived, I attempted to contact the finance department again only to be transferred to a line that was a full voice mail.

As week four rolled around, I called again and was put in contact with yet another friendly employee that stated she would get the check out today (June 6th) just as soon as she verified with the original lien holder the debt was paid in full. She too was informed that the letter contained the name of the newest lien holder and that the money was to be mailed to my credit union. On Friday, in a familiar twist, I called this employee again only to reach her voice mail. Despite leaving two messages with her (11am 2pm) to update me with the status of the refund, she never called back.

During the course of this entire process (one month), despite numerous attempts to reach the dealership via email and phone calls, I was NEVER recontacted by any member of the dealership regarding my inquiries. I always had to call back and hope to find a real person to talk to that was not the receptionist. (Remember, "We treat you like family here at Harrelson Nissan"). Today, at approximately 5pm, I called Nissan Customer Service about this delay.

The later I spoke with pulled up my account information. She stated that today (June 7th), the contract with Nissan had been terminated at my request and that they sent the money to Harrelson Nissan. She said to contact them within 2 to 4 weeks for a status on my refund. Sound familiar?

I let her know, without the use of any profanity, that I was very unhappy with the dealership in question and wanted a supervisor to explain to me why I would have to wait another month to have this refund sent to my bank. She put me on hold and later came back on the line. She clarified her earlier statement and stated Harrelson Nissan had been sent the refund and that it should already be available for them to send a refund. She told me to call back the dealership again to inquire about when the check would be mailed.

The same dealership that told me in May they would expedite its return, only to be told on 06 June they still had not even bothered to pick up the phone and ask the original lien holder if the debt had been paid in full but that they would send out the check yesterday (06 June). Bottom line, I will never walk into the dealership of any Nissan company based upon my experiences with Harrelson Nissan.

Not one single returned phone call in over a month...not one returned email in over a month.

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